Decades of professional service and expertise in financial services marketing

Here are a few reasons to work with WordCom…

Our core values are more than words echoing through our halls, they have meaning and are embraced and personified throughout our company. We see these core values in action every day. They have helped us communicate well, work as a team and stay the course through these most uncertain times.


Your financial institution can remain stable and competitive if you continue to open new accounts. New customers definitely build your customer base and expand the number of active accounts, but don’t overlook your existing customers. Both groups can be profitable resources for new account openings.



A major oversight of most financial institution marketing plans is simple: there are few or no promotional messages for current customers. These individuals already trust your institution enough to open one or more accounts, so they are the BEST prospects for additional account openings. WordCom offers a versatile variety of personalized programs that solidify and strengthen banking relationships between a financial institution and its accountholders.



Hit-and-miss marketing programs only guarantee that you’ll drain funds from your marketing budget. The variety of data, analysis, and data solutions available today help make marketing more successful. If you have a specific goal or priority for your marketing communications, WordCom Strategic Intelligence solutions can help you.