Big Data is useless if it’s not applied intelligently. These are intelligence solutions.

Today’s fascination with data often overlooks some important factors. For instance, how do you sift through mountains of data to get relevant information that’s useful to your marketing goals?

That’s where WordCom’s variety of specific marketing intelligence processes come to your rescue. Look at these product-specific intelligence systems we offer you.


Boost your equity loan/line portfolio. Our proprietary process uses credit score proxy and other variables to precisely focus on households with equity that are the best candidates to open an account.

EquityIQTM can identify customers or prospects and leverage their most important characteristics. Our analyses have succeeded in reaching households that are six times more likely to open an equity line or loan.

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Starting with an analysis of your customer data, WordCom’s AutoIQTM finds prospects who match the same profile. Individuals are pre-screened for creditworthiness so you make loan offers to those who are the best risk for borrowing.

One aspect of the AutoIQTM analysis determines who is likely in the market for a new auto loan or loan extension. Information examined during this phase includes loan maturity dates and estimated monthly payments.

With the AutoIQTM prospect list you can make Invitation To Apply (ITA) offers to the individuals, which lowers your risk even more.


A CheckingIQTM analysis could eliminate nearly 70% of unqualified prospects.

Data analysis is the name of today’s game for those who want to market most efficiently and save marketing dollars. WordCom’s CheckingIQTM is the analytical answer for financial services marketers.

CheckingIQTM works to build stronger customer relationships with your financial institution while increasing profits through cross-sell and fee income opportunities.


Your current accountholder information is combined with our National Consumer file to prepare a predictive model of your best prospects and a scoring system that helps choose them.

This same profile can help find current customers who are the best candidates for a cross-sell message.


Now that you know what CheckingIQTM provides, here’s a summary of how it creates the results—with no guesswork involved.

CheckingIQ’s MicroModeling…
• Starts by comparing your customer data with the general population
• Refines data using over 1,000 demographic, behavioral, and lifestyle attributes
• Finds the primary marketing footprint for each branch office
• Identifies current customer attributes to locate prospects who share those attributes
• Chooses the best prospect carrier routes for cost-effective, accurate household marketing


You could waste money on media that gives less effective, scattered results. You could flood the market with a mail campaign that, at best, reaches only a tiny percentage of likely prospects. You could use media, like broadcast ads, that are there and gone in an instant.

But, none of those methods effectively expand your customer base and increase your profits for a fraction of the cost that a WordCom marketing campaign with CheckingIQTM offers you.

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When individuals or families change residences, they’re more likely than anyone else to move their banking accounts to a more convenient branch. And the most likely account they move is checking.

By reaching out to New Movers soon after they relocate, you have the best chance of becoming their new place to bank.

WordCom helps you find New Movers using a two-tier process.

Tier I — CheckingIQTM Segmentation Analysis
We analyze the geographic area around your branches so we know where to look for prospects of all types.

Tier II — MicroModel
This new analysis process looks for specific types of customers on a household level.

You can implement a New Mover program independently as an ongoing stand-alone campaign or roll the data into your regular checking account marketing campaigns.


Use WealthIQTM to identify individuals with the highest known and inferred wealth. This unique process blends proprietary economic data with traditional demographic data to create a highly accurate wealth predictor.

WealthIQTM uses proprietary data from over 100 sources that are updated quarterly, and includes 1,500 proprietary attitudinal, econometric, and summarized credit attributes. Use WealthIQ™ to find prospects in your market or to profile your customer database.

With this highly refined list, make personalized, account-specific offers to the most affluent individuals in your market.


Big data doesn’t need to be a mystery or unwieldy anymore. You don’t need to spend time discovering how to use the data, including your own institution’s customer data. WordCom has developed the accurate intelligence analysis systems for you.

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