The people who will open new accounts with your financial institution are all around your branches. How do you pinpoint individuals? How do you know what products they want?

Does your staff have the time or the expertise to build a specialized marketing model that will increase account openings and promote your branches?

You need the marketing skills and resources WordCom offers you.


You can saturate neighborhoods with promotional materials, but you’re likely wasting your budget. And there’s no guarantee of success.

For unusual or difficult marketing situations, you need specialized research that will predict who are your best prospects for the product and where you can find them.

Tell WordCom what goals you want your marketing campaign to reach and we’ll:
• Build a customized predictive model
• Gather specialized data from a variety of sources
• Use the predictive model to analyze data
• Apply the results to your marketing campaign

No financial services marketing test, product or service is too obscure for predictive modeling.


Depending on your goals, our data analysis can:
• Look for best-prospect attributes throughout your market
• Apply demographics (age, homeownership, etc.) that are specific for your project
• Find market areas that will provide best results so you key in, not saturate

We can find the right data and use it to produce a best-case scenario for your promotion.


Because a customized predictive model is so specific to each project, contact WordCom and tell us what you want to accomplish. Whatever the product or whatever the promotion, we can create an analysis platform that helps you reach your objectives.

Contact us today and let’s talk about your plans.