Do you try to keep your finger on the pulse of changes in the world of financial marketing? Here are articles we've authored, along with other interesting and helpful information to help keep you on top of what's happening.

Making the Most of Your HELOC Marketing

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs) are a popular loan product. Discover new ways to market them and promote their use. HELOCs continue to be one of the most popular loan products in the marketplace today—and for financial institutions, they can be good for the bottom line, due to the low cost of the funds…. Read more

Targeted Cross-Sell Programs Will Increase Profitability

Cross-selling products and services to existing customers is a proven approach to increasing products and services per household. Through deepening relationships and share of wallet, marketers can impact account openings, balances, customer retention, and bank profitability while putting marketing efforts on ‘auto pilot’. The concept of cross-selling existing customers at its core is the implementation… Read more

Profitability is Trending

How important would it be to know which of your customers/members are highly profitable and which ones cost you money? What would it mean to your bottom line if you could move some of them from unprofitable to profitable? Many of our new client conversations start with a discussion about goals and what the financial… Read more

Take Another Look at Your New Mover Program

Taking a fresh look at your new mover program may reveal ways to enhance its effectiveness. Discover how enhancing your new mover program can boost your bottom line If you’ve already launched a new mover program, you may feel that you’re in a good place to capture new business from individuals who are on the… Read more

Pre-Mover Mortgage Trigger Program

If you’re looking to write more mortgage loans, you can know every existing customer and true prospect who put their home up for sale last week with a Pre-Mover Mortgage Trigger Program. This program will tell you every week which of your customers and/or prospects listed their home for sale the previous week. ‘The program… Read more

Change is good—Disruptor Communication

Leverage disruptors for more profitability. Certain changes in the marketplace can present valuable opportunities for those financial institutions that are savvy enough to recognize them and act quickly. “Disruptors” are events or activities that create limited-time marketing opportunities. Those who capitalize on these opportunities use what we call “disruptor marketing.” What are some examples of… Read more

Merger Communications: Make a Good First Impression

When two financial institutions come together through a merger or acquisition, every element of every communication must positively reflect the image and branding of the organization. Proper planning and execution are critical to achieving the goal of making a good first impression. Welcome to the Bank The first communication should be a letter sent to… Read more

“Test and Learn” is a Mentality, Not a Tactic

Test and Learn (T&L) is a practice where ideas or hypothesis are tested in a small sample, such as a few branches or a representative portion of a population. This practice mitigates the potential loss if the new concept is not as strong as the existing campaign (the control comparison). Why is T&L a mentality?… Read more

Optimize Touches, Maximize Response

Jump in, the water’s nice! It may seem scary to just take the plunge instead of dipping a toe in and testing the water first. Marketing requires repetition to drive the best result possible. In fact, the best response rates are seen when a consumer receives reinforcement of a sales message across a more prolonged… Read more

Deepening Customer Relationships: Marketing on Auto Pilot

As more people nationwide get vaccinated, many customers are refocusing on their banking needs, whether it’s savings, loans for home improvements, or new cars. Developing deeper relationships with existing customers is a proven approach to increasing profitability and reducing attrition. The goal of increasing share of wallet for existing customers through a structured cross-sell program… Read more