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WordCom Goes Pink, Again!

“WordCom Cares, Breast Cancer Awareness Month was a great success!” said Sharon Kruckoff, WordCom’s Office Coordinator. Thanks to the 113 times WordCom folks wore pink for the cause, Breast Friends Fund will be the recipient of a $500 donation…that’s $4.42 per balloon!!! The Breast Friends Fund works directly with the Dana Farber Breast Oncology Program…. Read more

Data Byte – Revenue Segmentation

Revenue segmentation is a way to estimate how much revenue a customer is currently generating, as well as the additional revenue they have the potential to generate if they open additional products. Customers are then put into groups to make this information actionable. Starting at the product level, the estimated value of each account is… Read more

Using Data to Drive the Customer Experience

What motivates a consumer to purchase a product, subscribe to a service or expand their relationship beyond a single product or service with you? Know. Like. Trust. Buy. Consumers want to do business with people and companies that they know, that they like doing business with, and that they trust to look out for their… Read more

United Way – Year of Caring

Every year is a Year of Caring at WordCom—and now it’s official! WordCom is partnered with United Way through March 2022 in their Year of Caring. Our donation allows us to support causes with the United Way in Central and Northeastern Connecticut, like the Channel 3 Kids Camp in Andover, CT. We repaired and painted… Read more

Focus on Retail Customers With a Business: Expanding Your Small Business Checking Footprint

As financial institutions turn their attention to doing business in the post-COVID world, many are looking to implement new solutions—such as expanding their small business checking market share. WordCom’s Business Checking Acquisition Program can help WordCom recommends the following approaches: Your retail banking customers who own a business, or are a signer on a business… Read more

Retail Acquisitions—Know Your Goals Before You Start

For financial institutions looking to boost their rate of retail acquisitions, marketing campaigns can be customized to pursue many different goals. But the first step is identifying those goals. Doing so will help you learn how your campaign should be designed (i.e., “what levers need to be pulled”), which can help to ensure your ultimate… Read more

Marketing Calendars – Planning for 2022

As you approach your 2022 Marketing Calendar, you’ll likely look back at this past year and compare campaigns, results, and ROI. The most important thing is to know your goals and how your success will be measured. Working with many financial institutions gives WordCom a high-level view of different types of campaigns and results from… Read more

Data Intelligence is the Key to a Successful Acquisition Program

Whether a financial institution is looking for retail household or business acquisition, data intelligence can help improve the success of the campaign by zeroing in on their target market. When it comes to acquiring new accounts—both at the household and business levels—many financial institutions know that frequency of message is one key to success, since… Read more

HELOC Activation Promotions – Driving Loan Balances

The current low rate environment has proven to be a boon to institution’s loan portfolios. New mortgage refinances and equity loans/lines at the current rates are attractive to many customers. In addition, a reservoir of untapped loan potential exists at most institutions that a targeted marketing campaign can easily unlock. Equity lines already approved and… Read more

Making the Most of Your HELOC Marketing

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs) are a popular loan product. Discover new ways to market them and promote their use. HELOCs continue to be one of the most popular loan products in the marketplace today—and for financial institutions, they can be good for the bottom line, due to the low cost of the funds…. Read more