Do you try to keep your finger on the pulse of changes in the world of financial marketing? Here are articles we've authored, along with other interesting and helpful information to help keep you on top of what's happening.

Pre-movers: Excellent Opportunities for Mortgage Loans!

With the impending rising rate environment, does your financial institution have a way to keep your mortgage pipeline full? Innovative data sources have made it easier than ever for you to focus your marketing efforts. In the past, financial institutions had no way of knowing who would be in the market for a mortgage before… Read more

Meet Yao Fu!

Yao joined WordCom back in May of 2021. Yao is one of our data analysts and has been a valuable addition to our data team. Read on to learn more… Q: Tell us a bit about yourself. A: I was born in China and moved to the U.S. at age 14. I lived in Texas… Read more

Loan Strategies for 2022: All you need is… data!

The Beatles may have gotten it right when it comes to life… all you need is love. But when it comes to growing loan portfolios in 2022, the key to success is data. Below are some tactical ways that you can acquire new loans and grow existing balances in the upcoming year. Start with your… Read more

Continuing a Movement Towards a Better World

The holidays represent a season of giving and caring. And in the spirit of the season, WordCom made a donation of food for Thanksgiving to the Ellington CT Human Services. We also made a monetary donation for Christmas, without ceremony. Shown here is WordCom’s Collin Plante making the food delivery! At WordCom, we believe the… Read more

Oh Christmas Tree!

Once again, circumstances prevented WordCom employees from gathering together this holiday season, so we relied on “virtual togetherness” to get us through 2021. One of our core values is “Have Fun” and we did! Holly Collins, one of our Accounting Team, generated a contest for the best and most unique Christmas trees. She gave miniature… Read more

New Loan Outreach to Start the New Year

The gifts have all been opened, the last party is over. This is when many customers will be looking for cash to help fund the holiday bills. There are simple, easy options to offer them. Communication of the cash-generating offer is all that’s required. Here are a couple of loan outreach programs that will work… Read more

The Power of Dashboards

The word “dashboard” or “data dashboard” has become commonplace in our work lexicon these days, but a dashboard is just a fancy term for a report. What makes dashboards more useful than a standard Excel pivot table or chart—or PowerPoint slide—is the ability for the user or presenter to interact with the dashboards and thus… Read more

Meet John Rakis, WordCom’s new Chief Revenue Officer!

WordCom is happy to announce the most recent addition to our team, John Rakis! We were really excited to have John come on board in September as our CRO, and we asked him to share a few things so that we could get to know him a little better… Q: Tell us a bit about… Read more

Veterans Day at WordCom

Thank you, Sharon Krukoff and George Wachtel! WordCom is thankful for our service members, past and present. In honor of Veterans Day, we had the pleasure of hearing a story from George’s wife about his service and had a wonderful Q&A with Sharon about her time in the Air Force. Thank you to all our… Read more

Revenue calculations for marketing… no CFO needed!

For decades now, there have been debates between the finance and marketing departments on how to truly measure the “profitability” of a customer. Every time the marketing department or MCIF provider comes up with a calculation to estimate how much profit an account or a customer generates, the finance people say that the number is… Read more