Make today’s fascination with electronic games pay off for your financial institution.

Electronic gaming on computers, phones, and hand-held devices has permeated our culture. The video game industry alone generates about $100 billion per year. You might not imagine the gaming craze could help promote your financial institution, but PrizeLink from WordCom changes all that.


PrizeLink is an instant-win game delivered through a simple, secure link that’s playable on any device. It’s easy to set up and operate, and offers a number of game options with customized graphics.

PrizeLink can be played on a smartphone, tablet or computer.


Why offer PrizeLink to your customers? Because it’s the perfect engagement tool.

The game encourages customers to open additional accounts, increase use of their debit and credit cards, even activate a line of credit. It can virtually promote accounts and services that you choose. And because it’s used on mobile devices, it encourages more mobile banking.

As an added benefit, PrizeLink collects information about the surrounding population and your customer base, which aids your marketing efforts.

PrizeLink has been called intelligent and fun customer acquisition. It’s an exciting new way to generate revenue, increase customer interest in your products and services, and create excitement in your market. See how WordCom’s PrizeLink can help you.