When events change your customers’ lives, are you prepared to offer a solution?

There are many reasons why customers close accounts and move on to other financial institutions. Many times, prevention is as simple as being in front of the customer at the turning point—those Life Event Triggers.


Studies estimate that 29% of customers leave a financial institution because of life events. If you can anticipate or can know when a life event occurs, you can engage the customer with a solution.

WordCom’s Life Event Trigger Monitoring program allows institutions to connect at key stages in customers’ lives.

The program watches for “pings”—changes for an individual or household that trigger cross-sell opportunities. Then, weekly reports from WordCom categorize the customer as a High, Medium, or Low flight risk. The branch staff can contact these customers directly and discuss how your institution can help, using WordCom’s calling scripts.

Additional contact can be made by targeted email and direct mail.

See our solutions under Strategic Intelligence or contact WordCom for details that will help your financial institution.