A major oversight of most financial institution marketing plans is simple: there are few or no promotional messages for current customers. These individuals already trust your institution enough to open one or more accounts, so they are the BEST prospects for additional account openings. WordCom offers a versatile variety of personalized programs that solidify and strengthen banking relationships between a financial institution and its accountholders.


There are key stages in your customers’ lives when they are most likely to need specific types of accounts and services. Your financial institution should have a marketing program in place so you can offer them help at the right time.



This versatile program generates excitement and engagement with customers and branch staff.

The instant-win game is delivered through secure links and can promote a variety of banking products.



A regular series of communications that offer different accounts each time has proven to be an effective way to engage customers, introduce them to your accounts, and encourage them to open additional accounts.


A monthly or quarterly personalized message to accountholders appears to come from the local branch manager.

The matrix allows customers to receive a message that’s appropriate for their situations and offers the likely next-best accounts and services.

“You guys are seriously amazing!
Thank you, Thank you!”


A merger can trigger customer flight to other institutions. But effective and timely communications can lessen turnover, retain deposits, and reduce branch staff involvement by offering information and answers to concerned accountholders.


A major portion of your business comes from only 5% to 20% of your customers. It’s vital that you recognize these important individuals and encourage them to do more business with your institution. Use an appropriate upscale message and media to reach them.

best customers


Avoid the mistake most equity promotions make and instead tell prospects about the ease and advantages they find with an equity account at your financial institution.

Build your loan portfolio by opening new accounts with prospects and customers alike.

“I’m very lucky to have such a great partner as you and your entire team at WordCom.”

-AVP of Marketing, $40 billion in assets


Give loan customers a much-appreciated break from a monthly payment while you build loyalty, extend loans, and increase fee income.

Skip-A-Payment offers can run at any time of the year.

“During our recent audit by an independent CPA firm, one of the areas they reviewed was our recent merger. After the review, the auditor said that the conversion book that WordCom produced was ‘the best they had ever seen’.”

-SVP, Marketing Director, $7 billion in assets