Your financial institution can remain stable and competitive if you continue to open new accounts. New customers definitely build your customer base and expand the number of active accounts, but don’t overlook your existing customers. Both groups can be profitable resources for new account openings.

Whatever type of account or marketing result you want to focus on, WordCom has a proven marketing program strategy that fits and that can help you reach your growth goals. Take a look…

Equity Loans

Equity Loans and Equity Lines are popular with consumers who need cash. Choose a marketing program that recruits new customers or one that revitalizes idle accounts in your current portfolio.


Mortgage Loans

Find new Mortgage Loan customers from those who are banking elsewhere. Recruit them and prevent your current mortgage customers from being lured away by other bankers’ offers.


Auto Loans

Auto Loans provide a consistent stream of new customers and new account openings. Reach prospective car buyers at the right time to win their business or acquire auto borrowers who have less competitive loans.



We’re becoming a cashless society as more and more people opt to pay with plastic.

Credit cards can be a solid source of revenue for financial institutions. WordCom offers a program that seeks out the best, most reliable prospects for credit card offers.

“You guys are great, and I’m not just saying that!
You are true partners, and we truly value that.”


It’s the most popular banking product… but today, with free checking so easily available, you must differentiate your checking program from the others.

The key is the right marketing program that reaches the best prospects.



If your financial institution wants to increase deposit accounts, you must offer the right marketing message to the right group of consumers. You’ll find a customized strategy and marketing program at WordCom.


You have business customers who don’t have their business checking accounts with your institution. Other business owners would find your accounts, services, and locations a great advantage.

Address each group with messages appropriate for busy business owners.

“We’ve been working with your team on a day-to-day basis and I’ve wanted a chance to tell you how happy the Bank has been with them and our relationship as well.”


When a competitor makes changes—ownership, product line, or other factors—more customers at that institution move accounts.

You can reach transitional customers at the optimal time to turn them into your new customers.



Focus on a single branch or a portion of your marketing territory. Get the solutions you need to make the public aware of a new branch, branch changes, or to support an underperforming location.

“What sets WordCom apart is their ability to function as a strategic partner. We’re able to leverage their knowledge to our benefit with every program we do. And after every project, they provide a comprehensive post-mail analysis complete with ROI calculations. It’s just what I need to reinforce the value of direct marketing to my CEO and CFO.”