Post-Conversion Survey

WordCom has successfully executed merger communication mailings for over 30 years.  Our company goal is to strive for continuous improvement, so your feedback is very important to us.  We appreciate ConnectOne agreeing to complete this survey so that we can improve our processes by applying these learnings to future merger communication projects.

Please rate the following on a scale of 1 to 5
(1 being the lowest score / 5 being the highest score)


Project timeline was clearly communicated by WordCom and understood by ConnectOne.

Project schedule appropriately defined all tasks to be completed by ConnectOne.

Were there any tasks required of ConnectOne that were not included in the schedule that would have been beneficial if they were?

Were there any aspects of the schedule that could be improved upon in terms of time allotted to complete tasks assigned to ConnectOne?

Questions were answered completely and in a timely manner by WordCom.

WordCom kept the project on-track throughout the process.

ConnectOne and WordCom worked well together as a team.

Were there any aspects of communication that could be improved?


Creative provided by ConnectOne.


All file uploads/downloads were completed without issues.

File content review process provided clear direction on data fields required and how they would be used.

Household collapse process was clear, easy to review and validate.

Please rate WordCom’s attention to detail for the data portion of the project.


What was the feedback from your new customers?  (Positive or very little negative feedback equates to a high score).

Are there any recommendations for changes that should be incorporated for the next conversion mailing?


In the box below, please provide a few comments about your overall experience in working with WordCom on this project. Please include aspects of the project you think went really well, along with areas of you think need improvement for WordCom. We value your input and appreciate your business. Thanks again for choosing WordCom for this important project.