WordCom’s MortgageIQTM selected top mortgage prospects and helped a financial institution successfully reach its mortgage campaign goals.

A centrally-based financial institution wanted to find mortgage customers among its 100,000 current customers.


MortgageIQTM analyzed and ranked the customers who were most likely to qualify and respond to a mortgage offer. Customers were chosen based on…
• Estimated risk score
• Homeownership
• Length of residence
• Presence of children

MortgageIQ’s analysis found that 60% of the institution’s customer base was unlikely to qualify for or to open a mortgage loan. Of course, these customers were eliminated from the prospect file, which saved marketing expenses for the financial institution.


The resulting best-of-the-best customers received the promotion. Among the results…
• 93 new mortgage loans were opened
• Loans totaled over $13.3 million in new balances
• Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI) for the first year was 164% for the mortgages
• 7.98% opened other new loans: auto, equity, personal
• Campaign increased overall loan balances by more than $30 million

Without MortgageIQ analysis, marketing dollars would have been wasted when offers were sent to all customers instead of just to those with the best potential for new loans.