There are times when you need to focus attention on one of your branch offices. WordCom has the strategies that offer you a successful promotion.

Most marketing professionals know that a grand opening promotion helps spark foot traffic and boost business for a new location. That’s not the only reason to focus on a particular location…
• New branch opening
• Remodeling a current office
• Move a branch to a new location
• Energize an under-performing branch
• Addition of new services, like a drive-up window
• Change of hours, etc.

Of those reasons, the most overlooked one is the support for an under-performing branch. You’ve already dedicated resources and money to open the office. It can still be viable with the right promotion. WordCom can examine the market area and help you come up with a proper response to the situation.


For any single branch, WordCom analyzes the surrounding area and creates a marketing map, a branch footprint, that shows where you can expect to find most of your new customers. If it’s an existing branch, we can first examine your customer data to find areas where customers live, as those areas offer convenience and a starting point for the prospect list.


A grand opening promotion or a grand re-opening promotion should include attractive features that grab attention. Often a child-oriented activity or give-away brings parents and grandparents into your lobby. Support for these promotions should include a direct-mail program and other media, like neighborhood door-hangers.

Beyond grand opening promotions, WordCom has a number of other successful promotions you can use to generate interest for your branches.

Winning Key: With this popular traffic and sales builder, prospects in the selected area get an envelope containing a personalized letter that describes the promotion and prizes. Attached to the letter is a metal key, which the recipient brings to the branch to see if the key opens a lock on one of the treasure chests located in the branch lobby. If it does, the person is an instant winner.

Winning Number: A personalized letter or postcard shows a computer-generated number. The prospect brings the mail piece to the branch to see if it matches the pre-selected winning numbers posted there.

Winning Combination: The prospect receives a personalized letter or postcard that has a combination number on it. The lucky combination(s) opens a lock on a treasure chest in the branch lobby.

“Crack the Vault” iPad Promo: The prospect receives an invitation to visit the branch and try to “Crack the Vault” by playing an interactive game displayed on an iPad kiosk. Winners are randomly chosen based on time of game play.


While the average direct mail campaign for a financial institution brings .5% to 2% response from prospects, these proven Traffic Builder programs have continually brought 5% to 10% of the targeted prospects into the branch. Each turn-key program comes with a detailed sales tracking report to show actual results.

Traffic Builders programs work. Use one to see an immediate boost in foot traffic to your branch.