A robust portfolio of quality loans assures financial institutions of reliable income streams and practical outlets for customer deposits.

Loan products offer a variety of choices for consumers. They also act as valuable resources for using deposit funds. While we cover the key categories here, WordCom can promote any type of loan product.

Many factors account for the success of a loan promotion—including the economy, time of year, and offer—so we work with you and your associates to create the best solution for the results you want to achieve.


Acquisition of new equity accountholders begins by analyzing the market in your area. We recommend that you offer these popular loan products to both customers and prospects. In general, a regular round of promotions (usually based on time of year) works best and funnels new applications into your loan department year-round.

Our data analysis allows you to make offers to the key demographic you seek, and helps you avoid prospects who are overextended or may be inappropriate for your offer.


Once you have Equity Line of Credit customers, it’s important to encourage the accountholders to use their accounts. WordCom can analyze your block of credit lines and find those that have significant outstanding balances—making them prime targets for activation reminders.

The WordCom equity activation strategy works best when used at regularly-spaced intervals throughout the year. We create personalized letters that use variable data specific to each accountholder.

Our banking clients typically see immediate increases in equity credit line use during the weeks following an activation promotion—often totaling millions of dollars.

Discover more about EquityIQTM, the process for selecting equity loan and line prospects and view our Case Studies.


Home mortgages are an important part of a financial institution’s loan portfolio because they typically offer long-term relationships and significant loan amounts that produce a steady income.

WordCom offers two types of mortgage campaigns:


WordCom analyzes your current customer data to identify those customers who are likely candidates for a mortgage loan. We also use selected data to create a list of the best prospects, based on your specific underwriting criteria for the program, who are likely in the market to purchase a home.


While you can avoid making refinance offers to your current customers who don’t have a mortgage with you, remember they may be paying higher rates or making higher monthly payments elsewhere. These factors could make them good prospects for your offer.

Otherwise, the program focuses on mortgage and equity customers who have loans with other financial institutions, have high interest rates or are making large monthly payments, and other factors that would encourage them to consider a refinance offer from you.

The strategy sends personalized letter packages to your current customers. Prospects can receive letters or more economical mail pieces. We can work with you to prepare a campaign that fits your goals, your market, and your marketing budget.

See more about our process for selecting potential mortgage customers using MortgageIQ™ and read about actual results from our Case Studies.


The purchase of a new car is the most common personal loan and one that fits the needs of a majority of consumers in your market. WordCom can work with your current customer data to find individuals most likely to be ready to make an auto purchase (or boat, RV, or other vehicle.). Our access to specialized consumer data can help create a prospect list for your market.

We can offer you a variety of creative options, like a letter check, to reach and appeal to the consumers. We can also help you prepare an offer that works best in your area.


While Auto Loans are the most popular, WordCom can help you generate account openings for other types of specialty or personal loans. Ask for specific details.

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