This can be the best method you find to reach the right credit card prospects with less risk.

Whether you choose to promote credit cards throughout your market or cross-sell credit cards to your current customers, WordCom can advise you and help you open more accounts.


The typical credit card marketing campaign relies on a pre-approved list of prospects. While pre-approval lowers risk, WordCom has found credit card campaigns can be more successful if financial institutions use an Invitation To Apply (ITA) approach.

What advantages are there to an ITA marketing campaign for credit cards?
• Eliminate the high cost of a pre-approved list
• Keep risk low because there is no firm credit offer
• Achieve improved response rate

WordCom ITA campaigns for financial institutions have typically seen double the response rate over pre-approved lists.


Because credit cards are essentially loans, WordCom’s RiskIQ™ uses credit data to predict the likely credit risk for individuals within your chosen geographic area. The system relies on data from a variety of credible and current resources, so your marketing list eliminates consumers who are likely bad credit risks or credit card abusers.


Many financial institutions have multiple types of credit cards to offer. Because of the data research we use to locate your best prospects, WordCom can send personalized offers for specific cards to individuals on the mailing list.


Credit card offers, especially pre-approved offers, can be complex because of legal requirements and notices. WordCom has the experience with credit card offers that will help your campaign run smoothly and succeed.

Whether you use a pre-approved list or offer an Invitation To Apply, whether you reach out to the marketplace or cross-sell customers, contact WordCom and gain the advantages our credit card marketing strategies offer you.