Consumers consider the financial institutions where they have their checking accounts as their “primary bank.”

A checking account is the number one banking account consumers need. For financial institutions, checking accounts are low-cost core deposits with a potential for fee income and the jumping-off point for opening additional accounts of all types. So it’s crucial that you recruit checking prospects and open more checking accounts.


There are always consumers ready to switch to a new financial institution because of factors like a new residence, job change, market disruption, or simply dissatisfaction with their current bank.

WordCom begins by analyzing and mapping the marketing footprint of each of your branches. After identifying where to find your prospects, we focus on market locations with the best potential for response based on consumer profiles.


Now that free checking is everywhere, you need something more to differentiate your institution and attract the attention of prospective new accountholders.

The WordCom checking acquisition program is a complete package of services that takes the burden off you and your marketing staff, while providing you with the most effective means to attract new customers.

• Your message reaches prospects in their own homes where they are known to be most receptive to the message.

• Your new marketing campaign pinpoints areas of your market with the most potential for response thanks to our analysis of your market penetration and market carrier routes.

• You can send different messages that will appeal to specific groups within your marketing footprint.

• Your campaigns are scheduled to keep your name foremost in the prospects’ minds.

• We help you prepare an offer that appeals to prospects in your part of the nation.

• All creative services, production, and delivery are handled within the program. It’s hands-free for your marketing staff.

• You see in-depth analysis of results and match-back opening rates in the reports generated by this program for each of your marketing campaigns. There’s no guesswork. You know how well the program is working and your per-account acquisition cost.


The entire program promotes your checking products and aims at the results you want to achieve.

Discover more about the acquisition services WordCom offers you, like our proprietary Checking IQTM analysis, by exploring our website. Or simply contact us for complete details of how your financial institution can have a customized checking acquisition program.