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HELOC Utilization is a Great NEXT Marketing Campaign

When deposits are already high and loans are where you are looking to focus, we recommend a unique way to build your loan portfolio: use the equity lines already approved and “on the books!” These are an important and rich source of new loan balances.

Reminding members/customers of the credit they have available to them—and how to access it—provides an impetus for customers to activate their lines.

Let’s take a look at a current client’s HELOC Utilization campaign to provide examples of what is possible for you. A Midwest client had the following mailing results in 2021:


  • Notify customers of the availability of their equity line, including how much is available for use
  • Engage households
  • Increase line balances
  • Remind customers with zero balances (on their line) how to use their line of credit


  • Query the FI’s database for customers with an existing equity line of credit
  • Select customers with a certain minimum amount of line available (i.e. greater than $5,000)
    1. Understanding the amount of money available and communicating that information simply to customers is the secret to driving line usage
  • Call the reader’s attention to the available balance
    1. Have the available balance in a position such as the ‘Johnson’s Box’ area at the top right corner of the letter
  • Letter copy can point out common uses for the equity loans including home improvement projects, college funding, debt consolidation and even vacations

Mailing Package

  • 8 ½ x 11” letter with 3” lift note included
  • #10 window envelope


  • HELOC Utilization promotions can realize response rates of 15% or more, where a mailed customer has increased their HELOC balance
  • Significant accompanying increase in line balances
  • Significantly positive ROI

With the impressive response rates of the promotion, there are parallel increased balances as well.

You are already offering HELOCs to your member/customers. This is a great way to ensure they utilize their funds while you build loyalty with them.