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Data Bytes – Reach Business Owners at Home

Financial marketers know how important business accounts are to the bottom line of their institutions, but it’s extremely hard to get your message in front of business owners at the workplace. Luckily, there are a couple of data tools that can help reach business owners at home.

Existing retail customers are likely working someplace… and now you can find out where and identify whether they are a decision maker at that company. WordCom can append business affiliations to retail customers and filter those results by industry, sales volume, employee size, and title to identify retail customers that could become business customers. You can then communicate your business offerings to this group through mail and targeted digital ads.

Taking this technology one step further, by utilizing geo-fencing technology, WordCom has the ability to identify people who work at specific businesses. Using a cross-device graph, the additional devices that these people use (i.e. home computers, tablets, connected televisions) can be targeted with digital advertising to reach these business people in the home environment. Adding in additional criteria for title and/or job function can further refine the targeting to business owners and/or the decision makers who will purchase your products.

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