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Oh Christmas Tree!

Once again, circumstances prevented WordCom employees from gathering together this holiday season, so we relied on “virtual togetherness” to get us through 2021.
One of our core values is “Have Fun” and we did! Holly Collins, one of our Accounting Team, generated a contest for the best and most unique Christmas trees. She gave miniature Christmas trees to onsite and remote employees with instructions to have fun decorating the trees however we like. We were allowed… well… encouraged to let family and friends assist in our creativity.

Now all of our offices in CT, RI, TN, FL, IN, MO and NE are adorned with the holiday spirit! Many are boasting of WordCom events or core values and team members all represented on their trees. The winner’s tree is like nothing you’ve ever gnome!

First Place: Zoom in to enjoy Collin Plante’s Gnome tree. He is our Maintenance Coordinator.

Can you spot the elf in our 2nd place winner’s tree? The elf IS the tree! Dawn Vodehnal is a Database Analyst and clearly drafts more than SQL databases.

Honorable mention goes to Tim Berger with this beach beauty… We suspect Tim’s wife Cindy had a hand in this display. You can almost smell the salty air.

We thought you would also like to see the highly memorable, if not controversial, trees. You decide which is which…

One of our AVP’s of Project Management likes to spend the holidays with John McClane

Our team, from our CEO

Our Core Values, from our Senior VP of Operations

And one of our Data Specialists must have been very hungry when she made this tree.

Thank you for helping us tap into our creativity and our holiday spirit, Holly! Our offices are a more festive place because of you.
However you celebrate the holidays, we hope you, your family and friends are able to tap into some of the festive spirit this season.