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United Way – Year of Caring

Every year is a Year of Caring at WordCom—and now it’s official!

WordCom is partnered with United Way through March 2022 in their Year of Caring.

Our donation allows us to support causes with the United Way in Central and Northeastern Connecticut, like the Channel 3 Kids Camp in Andover, CT. We repaired and painted frames for the sponsor signs. They’ll use these signs for the annual “Holiday Light Fantasia.”

This was a great team-building activity and aligns with our core values: commit to client success, solve problems, have fun, be positive, act with integrity, focus on quality, and exemplify teamwork.

Sharon Krukoff, WordCom’s Office Coordinator, cheerfully stated, “We wanted to align ourselves with an organization that had local-to-global reach, benefitting people in need near and far. We do a lot in Ellington specifically, but since we have about 7 remote employees now, we wanted to spread out a bit. I researched quite a bit, trying to ensure maximum benefit for both sides and I’m very happy with their mission.”

Look for more pictures of our team and our efforts as the Year of Caring continues…