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Marketing Calendars – Planning for 2022

As you approach your 2022 Marketing Calendar, you’ll likely look back at this past year and compare campaigns, results, and ROI. The most important thing is to know your goals and how your success will be measured.

Working with many financial institutions gives WordCom a high-level view of different types of campaigns and results from multiple segments of the financial industry. Here’s what we’ve learned…

What worked well the past year and a half

  • Consistency: Those who continued campaigns with us experienced strong results and engagement.
  • Relevancy: We provided predictive modeling in order to offer your members/customers the next most likely product, and they responded well and engaged further.

What didn’t work well

  • Hesitancy: Pulling back on demographic appends to save money, cutting back on the number of touches, and going with email only did not produce great results.

What’s ahead for 2022

  • Asset Shifting: Most institutions are deposit heavy and ready for loans to bring in additional dollars. Saving is trending. Digital platforms are a great addition to your direct mail campaigns.
  • Celebrate: Show off the good you are doing in the community. Let your members/customers “see” you and give them the opportunity to join in your good deeds.
  • Predictability: Look at past results and build campaigns on what you’ve learned and bank your success on data… appends, analysis, and modeling.

It’s time to plan your 2022 success! Use data intelligence to drive your marketing calendar now so your campaigns are ready for their ’22 launch.