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Pre-Mover Mortgage Trigger Program

If you’re looking to write more mortgage loans, you can know every existing customer and true prospect who put their home up for sale last week with a Pre-Mover Mortgage Trigger Program.

This program will tell you every week which of your customers and/or prospects listed their home for sale the previous week.  The program is trigger-based, which means you are 4-5 steps ahead of your competition, and that will lead to more mortgage loan opportunities.

The Pre-Mover Mortgage Trigger Program enables you to:

  • Reach customers and prospects when they list their home for sale
  • Communicate with 100% of the pre-mover audience by sending a mortgage loan message early in the process
  • Help improve your mortgage retention/acquisition results with “proven” leads from WordCom

Keys to a Successful Pre-Mover Program

  • Product and Offer: Lead with the mortgage product that has the most competitive rate.
  • Data: Get access to the most current data collected from multiple sources with a 96% accuracy rate. Receive timely communications and updates on all recent home listings.
  • Speed to Mailbox: When communicating to current customers, the most effective approach may be to lead with an email or phone call and follow up with direct mail.

Our customers have experienced great results with this campaign. Connect with us if you would like to see the case study.

With a Pre-Mover Mortgage Trigger Program, you can monitor your current customers and prospects so your financial institution can be the first one to reach out to them. That will help make you top of mind when they are ready to apply for a mortgage.