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Life Stage Triggers + LeadConnect: The right message at the right time

It is crucial now more than ever that marketers be smart, targeted and precise. Financial institutions that utilize life event triggers can put themselves ahead of the game.

What are life event triggers?
Simply put, they are milestones in people’s lives—marriage (or divorce), the birth of a baby, and the purchase of a new home are all life event triggers. So is retirement. These milestones actually provide financial institutions with valuable marketing opportunities. That’s because marketers who engage customers and prospects when these events are happening increase the likelihood that a purchase will be made.

The power of two
You can use WordCom’s LeadConnect product to leverage the power of life event triggers, enabling you to get the most out of your marketing budget by communicating the right message to the right individuals at the right time.

What is LeadConnect?
When you elect LeadConnect, your financial institution will receive a list of everyone who visits your website, along with their specific actions while there. The list includes everyone from your mailings and you’ll also get information on unique visitors who may have previously gone unrecognized. By utilizing data appends, we can identify the resident’s name, age, income, household value, and other important marketing elements. LeadConnect can also help you identify individuals who visit other vital webpages. LeadConnect’s capabilities can help you make your direct mail campaign even more effective.

Identify the “movers and shakers” before your competition can reach them
Looking to identify those who are “on the move?” With WordCom’s Pre-Mover Mortgage Trigger Program, we can tell you every existing customer and true prospect who is putting their home up for sale. This could enable you to:

• Reach movers before your competitors can
• Offer a mortgage at exactly the right time
• Improve your retention with current mortgage customers