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Digital or Mail for Your Direct Marketing?

The answer is easy—both! Direct mail with digital marketing support is key for a better response rate and a greater return on your marketing investment. You can effectively do both at the exact same time for the best results.

Using mail as a direct marketing strategy has been very effective, but the arrival of the internet and other technological advancements has changed the way consumers receive and react to information… and marketing strategies have to evolve to account for these changes. This is where WordCom’s DigitalConnect and LeadConnect strategies come in to enhance traditional direct marketing campaigns.

With respect to channels and our current environment, this is still an excellent time for direct mail. Using digital marketing as an enhancement to direct mail has given our clients more than a 30% lift in their campaigns. The multiple impressions, expanded coverage, and repetition of message has had a great impact.

WordCom’s DigitalConnect is an omni-channel marketing solution that is designed to seamlessly track the effectiveness of a financial institution’s direct mail campaign—while enhancing results through the integration of digital platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram.


Enables financial institutions to match their mailing list with their recipients’ Facebook and Instagram user accounts. With SocialMatch, the target market will not only receive the mailing, but they will be delivered the same message on their social feeds, even before they visit your website.

Informed Delivery®

With Informed Delivery® integration, the mailing piece is accompanied by a full-color, clickable ad within the grayscale email preview sent by the USPS to individuals who have elected this service. With this service, your financial institution can geographically track where Informed Delivery® emails have been opened!

Online Follow-Up

If an individual leaves your website without taking action, your ads will show up throughout the Google Network, directing the recipient back to your website.

Social Media Follow-Up

You can keep your follow-up ads in front of prospects, even when they’re scrolling through their newsfeed on Facebook and Instagram.


Your financial institution will receive a list of everyone who visits your website, along with their specific actions while there. The list not only includes everyone from your mailings, but you’ll also get information on unique visitors who may have gone unrecognized until now.

Real-time Dashboards

Track unique visitors, impressions, number of times your ad has been clicked, and demographic information on those who are engaging with your ads online.

Which way you choose to communicate with your customers may depend on the message you are sending out—and how much attention you want your message to get.