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HELOC Activation – Promoting Line Usage

Targeting the customers for a HELOC activation promotion is relatively easy. A simple query of a bank’s customer database will yield not only existing HELOC customers, but also balance and credit line limits as well. Understanding the amount of money available and communicating that information to customers is the secret to driving line usage.

A letter mailed in a window envelope has proven to be a very effective mailing package for this offer. The available balance information is critical to the offer copy, so placing this information at the top right corner of the letter usually calls the reader’s immediate attention to an available amount. This amount can also be reinforced within the letter copy.

HELOC activation mailing promotions can realize response rates of 15% or more, where a mailed customer has increased their HELOC balance. With the impressive response rates of the promotion, there are parallel increased balances as well.

Considering the total new loan balances generated, HELOC activation mailings generally post a significantly positive ROMI.